Okay, yet another Texas candidate talking about a fence between Mexico and Texas. Does anyone realize the border is 1254 miles long? That would still allow people to go around the ends, so we'd have to work with other states. Plus, if that isn't patrolled, people can just go over or under it (a story about tunnels is on the news ever few weeks).

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Lets go back to 1254 miles. That's 6621120 feet. Now I know a regular six foot chain link fence is a little over $20 a foot. So let's just say it has to be three times as tall and covered with barbed wire. So, let's go with a simple $100 a foot. So you math geniuses already know that equal to $662,112,000. Yes 662 million without patrols, without cameras and assuming a government entity could get it done for a $100 a foot. So, candidates, how 'conservative' is it to spend 662 million for something that could be cut with a pair of pliers? Oh wait, they'll no doubt want to do a double fence like a prison, so double that price tag. Above you can see the type of fence they're actually building and it looks less secure and more expensive than even the double chain link I'm talking about.  I'm not saying a fence is right or wrong, but I'd like one of these candidates that preach about "a fence" discuss what it would actually cost.

But wait!  After I did all this math, I thought I'd just Google the price tag of the current fencing and the answer is about one million per mile (for a single fence, not a double fence).  I let you do the math on that one.

I don't know what the answer is.  Something has to be done, but let's get real about what were talking about here.

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