Since the dismissal of lead singer Howard Jones there has been alot of speculation on what the band will do.

Killswitch Engage has releseased the following statement in regards to the open lead singer spot.

""We've been getting a lot of inquiries about the [vacant Killswitch Engage] singer position. If you are interested, please send an MP3 or a song link, a photo and a brief description of yourself to the management email address provided in the contact section of"

The band could have gone in a couple of ways with the departure of Howard Jones. There was alot of speculation if phil Labonte of All That Remains would fill the position. But phil quickly dismissed all the rumors.

And of course there is original lead singer Jesse Leech but he is doing his own thing with Killswitch Engage members both goth guitarist Adam D and Joel.

So why not look into the fans for a singer? To front Killswitch Engage would be an amazing experience. All the guys in the band are some of the coolest and the nicest in the business.

Check out the video's of Killswitch Engage with 3 different lead singers. Phil Labonte (All That Remains" Howard Jones and Jesse Leech.