Here's a sad fact-congress has a 5% approval rating, yet 90% of incumbents get re-elected. What? Why do we keep sending back the people who have lost touch with their voting base? With the recent (and ongoing) government shutdown, it's time we send a strong message that (cue the Twisted Sister) we're not going to take it anymore.


YouTube/Old, White & Not Useful At All

I brought this topic up because I was just invited to a Facebook page called "No More Neugebauer".  Now, I know some of you who are members of his party want to immediately spring up and defend him, but please look at the facts first.  If you look at what he's accomplished while in congress, it's an extremely short list.  He's not just a weak congressman overall, he's not even a real asset to his own party.  Have a look at this Wikipedia entry on Randy.  You'll notice very quickly that even on this non-political encyclopedia of a website, more space is taken by his embarrassing behavior than by his achievements. You'll also notice his work on behalf of insurance companies and the big donations by oil, real estate and banking industries.  If this guy doesn't represent everything that is wrong with our current congress, then I don't know who does.

No matter your party affiliation, it's time that you vote for someone who remembers that they are elected to represent YOUR interests, not the interests of the party or their big donors.  Change needs to happen all around.