I happened upon Lubbock Online Monday  just to make sure I wasn't missing anything in the news, and I wasn't.  For a town of over 200,000 you guys are boring, or at least the reporting it boring.  Read more after the break.

The front page of the A.J.s online service had three local stories.  Two of those stories were just a variation on the same theme.  Those two were basically about what it means to be an American from an immigrants point of view (more or less) and the third local story was a  recap of the 4th on Broadway street dance.   Wow.  I  have a hard time believing that was pretty much it leading up to the 4th of July, but whatever.  Had I given a bum $2 for the actual newspaper on the street corner, I would have been mad.  Maybe there was good coupon for Eggo's or something in it.

After checking the other media sites, one t.v. station had about five local stories on it's page and other had a whopping eight, but most of those were kind of old.  Our sister station KFYO came in at about four, but to their credit the stories were REALLY news (the Lubbock Economy, Gas prices here, 4th On Broadway and a big pet adoption event here).

So I guess the real question here is "Does "Nothing" ever really happen here, or is it just under reported"?  In the case of the "news" paper, I'd say it's time to pack it in.  If that's all the effort you're going to put into publishing a paper, then you better get used to selling them on street corners yourself.  Sorry if your publisher cut your staff down to nothing; the end result is your product is now "nothing" and we aren't going to continue to pay "something" for "nothing" when we can get "something" for "nothing" on the other media sites.

I myself do at least two stories about local stuff or stuff that has a local impact each day.  I'm ONE guy.  There's a ton that actually happens here, it's just people are settling for less and that's just not acceptable to me.  I want my friends, neighbors and listeners to care about their community and making it a better place for everyone.  Long ago I knew I had a choice when it came to MY career, I could either move up to a bigger market, or I could work harder to stay close to family and build up the market I'm in.  I chose to try to better my surroundings.  I hope that the rest of the people who report on Lubbock will choose to do a better job for you as well.