Donald Trump has been a jackass for years now. He's such a gigantic jackass that he gets more jackass-y-er every day. This is his latest foray into the gigantic douchebag filled world that is Trump-ville. With the American economy being screwed, people losing their jobs, going hungry and basically struggling to survive, Trump-hole has the audacity to show off his new plane. Don't get me wrong, I don't care that he bought a new plane, he has the money so why not right? But the way he's rubbing it in our faces with this video disgusts me. He's such a dick that this plane actually has a VIP seating area, because just being on the plane still doesn't mean you're important enough to deserve talking to him. And he doesn't even appear in the video himself, he has his Celebrity Apprentice assistant do the work for him so that she can talk about how awesome he is and he doesn't have to do it himself. Douche.

This thing has a passenger area that seats 43 people, with each seat having its own "audio-visual system", and all the fixtures, including the seat belt buckles, are gold-plated! There's a separate dining area, a main lounge, a guest area/bedroom and a MASTER bedroom adorned with "yards and yards of elegant gold silk." Of course no master bedroom is complete without a master bathroom. And any master bathroom worth its salt comes complete with a shower. ON A PLANE! Oh and in case you get bored rubbing your fingers on all the gold or showering at 30,000 feet, there are also three totally tricked-out home theater systems that include 1,000 movies and 2,500 cd's on demand. Just watch the damn video, and don't vote for this dick for president EVER!

And if anybody, including "The Donald" (douche) himself ever tries to tell you he's a self-made man, just remember that he didn't start from scratch. He had a little help from the hundreds of millions of dollars HIS DAD made in real estate and gave a wad to Trump-hole. I can't wait for this guy to go bankrupt for a THIRD TIME! And he wants to be president? I could never vote for an ass that bankrupted a casino! How could you have a bankrupt casino? That's like owning your own money printer! And his went bankrupt! He sucks, his reality tv show sucks, and his hair sucks. I'm done.