I can't find the picture, but I've got to pass this story along to you in a blog anyway.  This is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the internet and people in general.  You have to read this story-ESPECIALLY IF I TURN UP MISSING OR BEATEN!  More after the jump.

So this guy post this "christian message".  It features two babies talking in the womb. The babies are talking about whether they 'believe in mom' because they haven't seen her and so on...anyways you the reader are supposed to draw the comparison about 'believing in god".  Okay, without getting too heavy into religion.  You can believe in moms.  You can touch them, you have one and we've even got pictures of the places where the babies come out of on the internet.  Now, if you 'believe' in god, you have to do that on faith. The guys from CSI can take evidence back to the lab and prove "moms" exist.  They couldn't do that with 'god'.

So anyways I type on this guys post, "this is idiotic at best".  So this CHRISTIAN gentleman posts back "you better watch who u call an idiot" (evidently christian's are too cool to spell out the word "you").  Meaning, this CHRISTIAN delivered a failed threat because I didn't like his post.  Man that certainly falls under the 'what would Jesus do" maxim now doesn't it?

Next, there is a big difference between being called "an idiot" and saying something is "idiot".  Most of you who have read my blogs have found something I've said or done "idiotic", but few could argue I'm an "idiot".  In fact, most criticisms I get start with "I usually agree with you, but..."

Lastly, you post something somewhat controversial on the internet and somebody posts a response. Well SON OF A BITCH what's the internet coming to?

So in short, if you're going to post something on the internet, you're going to get responses, some of which you don't like. If you're a 'christian' you should forgive those who trespass against you and not challenge them to fight (thank you Bill Hicks).  Lastly, watch WHO YOU challenge.  They just may have over 11,000 readers.  Boo-ya!