I just read at Everything Lubbock how one business owner is having problems with aggressive panhandlers.  Apparently waitresses and others are being harassed as they make their ways to their cars because the panhandlers know they are carrying cash. You are NOT helping this situation by giving these people money.

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It is a cruel, hard world but there is help for those willing to take it. There are places for them to stay, places for them to eat and places to reintegrate into society.  Yes, there are some with mental health issues, but still, teaching them that they can harass people until they get a handful of change is not the way to go.  I've even had one of these people hassle me for more change because he was unsatisfied with the amount I had given him. That was the LAST time I gave money to a panhandler. I actually have a friend that's homeless, but he works for every buck I give him and I don't think he'd have it any other way. People who just out and out beg, need to step up and become part of a system that can help them. Let's also be honest, there are some that are just straight up scamming you for money as well.

Give your money to organizations that help the homeless if you wish.  Give them a chance to do their job and actually help these people  get back on their feet instead of giving them a "quick fix" of cash.  You work and make sacrifices everyday for your money. A bum shouldn't be able to just walk up an intimidate you out of it.

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