I guess one of the first sayings everybody becomes familiar with is "you can't judge a book but it's cover" and in most cases it's really true. I guess if somebody is wearing really dirty clothes with blood on the front you could say "hey that guy is zombie" but you'd probably be wrong. Anyways with the advent of social media there's tons of name calling going on out there and if you're going to be a butthole, it's best that you do it right.

You wouldn't know it from looking at me, but kitties crack me up!

During my career I've had a lot of people formulate an image of me based on my voice and/or what they think d.j.s look like on t.v. Those same people tend be surprised when my giant Frankenstein-doppleganger ass actually shows up.  Then there are those folks who will look at you in a black t-shirt and just think "thug" or "metalhead" or whatever. The truth is, we're all a lot more than our looks.  Like all of my videos, this one is full of profanity and Not Safe For Work!