Paul Walker or "Fast And Furious Fame" died after a high speed fiery auto crash. Now, when something like this happens there are jackals looking to take advantage of the situation from every possible angle.  One of those "angles" is the "sympathy for the other victim" memes that are going around.  Uh, no.

I don't know why anyone would make a meme with the express desire of trying to make you feel bad, but in this instance, it doesn't work.

I don't know the drivers name in this accident. I don't care. How about we just call him "killer"? You may not like it, it may be "too soon", but this guy was driving like a jackass and killed himself and his friend. I don't care what charities he supported or if he loved puppies, he is responsible for two deaths and could have been responsible for many more.

I just love how everyone uses the phrase "lost control" in this accident. You know how you "lose control?" By driving like a jackass.  Well, Wes, you say, how do you know he was "driving like a jackass"? Well, authorities are already saying "speed was a factor", but anytime a car crashes into a tree and a lightpole and bursts into flames, there's a pretty good chance the guy was driving like a jackass. Cars don't "burst into flames" when you're driving 25 through a school zone. It doesn't even matter if he swerved to avoid a baby carriage, if he was going fast enough to total that Porsche on public streets, he was going too fast.

Now all of this may seem like a little too much right now, but we don't need to be teaching people about "sympathy for the other victim" in this case, we need to teach people that if you behave like an assh*le, bad things can happen to you.