Lubbock, Texas is not alone when it comes to neighbors who can't seem to get along. At least this elderly Stockholm couple didn't turn to knifes in retaliation...they merely whipped out the Iron Maiden to inflect their own brand of "getting even".

The couple in question are a 71 year old woman and her 81 year old husband.

Seems they had enough of their neighbors making these "whistling sounds"; so they did what any grandma and grandpa would do, they unharnessed Iron Maiden!

The police report states how they didn't get mad, they just turned it up...“a music system on the balcony, pointed at the neighbor and playing Iron Maiden’s ‘Afraid to Shoot Strangers’ at top volume” as well as “another music system in the cellar directed towards the neighbor’s bedroom wall” all because, as the husband put it, “We wanted to give a taste of their own medicine.”

The couple face harassment charges, but according to the report the neighbors have had enough; “The harassment has just carried on, I am completely broken down. How can I keep living here?”

When will people learn, the older folks didn't make it to the golden years by being dumb and naive.

By the way, the Maiden tune they used to reek havoc... "Afraid to Shoot Strangers".

Shoot high, aim low as you check out the video...