I bet every guy reading this will say that he is a man's man, a tough guy, a man who is not afraid of anything, including snakes and spiders. Am I right?

Yeah, I "claim" to. Be a tough guy too, when in public, sadly Woody enjoys calling me out on this evy chance she gets by being a die (no pun intended) hard fan or slasher movies,  haunted houses, and all things paranormal.

Thanks to her I can now say I am a step closer to gaining full rights of my man card because I no longer have to make excuses about why we can't go to a moviembecause I am actualbeginning to enjoy the thrill.

One thing I don't know if I will ever get used to though is watching someone pull a tooth. I have seen people tie a string to their kids tooth and slam the door, I've seen people just reach in and pop their kids tooth out, I have seen members of my own family pull teeth for a living.

But it still just creeps me out. Needless to say when Wood showed me this video and I covered my eyes she made me hand over the man card again.