Here's some fun stuff from your favorite politicians:

*Gays are destroying your marriage!

*Illegals are taking your jobs!

*Obama is coming for your guns!

*There is a WAR on Christmas!

The fact is my friends, hate sells.  It's easier to get people to vote against stuff than it is to get them to vote "for" stuff.

Win McNamee, Getty Images

Almost all of you reading this are some pretty accepting folk. You don't really have problem with gays, you're doing a bit better career-wise than picking cotton, you still have your guns and your last Christmas was kind of nice come to think of it.

The other day I had a story come across my feed. It was something about Texans reactions to gay marriage proposals. The tone of the feed was that the people who saw the proposals actually thought they were sweet and no one kicked up a fuss.  I, personally, wasn't surprised at all. If there is one state where people tend to mind their own business, it's Texas. We, for the most part, just live and let live.  I don't not care that you like cobbler and I like cake. It just does not affect me.

The problem is that fear sells. The politicians, religious leaders and the charlatans know the best way to separate you from your money, or to rise in their own ranks, is to sell you a big steamin' bowl of hate.  Don't eat it my friends. Stay true. Stay Texas. I'm asking you to go the complete opposite way.  You need to get out and vote, but vote against those who are "anti".  I don't care what party.  Vote for people with positive attitudes and plans, not those who play to peoples fears.