My favorite living comedian, and Lubbock favorite Doug Stanhope  starts in his own special this Friday night at 8 p.m. on Showtime.  The special is the video version of his latest c.d. called "Before Turning The Gun on Himself".  I can tell you that Doug is gut busting funny. More after the jump.

Doug Stanhope made his bones around the Hub City and Southwest first as an opener for the late Captain Rowdy.  Stanhope also starred for a year on the man show.  Apparently he had a pretty cool guest starring role on the FX show "Louie" as well.  No topic is off limits with Stanhope and he will open your mind as well as make you cry with laughter.  Interestingly enough, Stanhopes career mirrors that of the late Bill Hicks as he is absolutely huge in the U.K.  The Friday showing is just the debut on Showtime; there are repeated showings. I'm telling you to set your d.v.r. (just search for 'Doug Stanhope') and it will come up.  You WILL play this special for your friends.  

Just to get you warmed up, here's some YouTube clips of Doug.  Keep in mind there is some very foul language in these clips, the second clip may be the foulest thing you've ever heard in your life.  You have been warned.