Remember the old Wolfbrand Chili commercial where the cool old Texas sounding dude ask the question how long has it been since you had a steaming bowl of Wolfbrand Chili...Well, thats too long. The same holds true for Black Stone Cherry, it's been too long since they played the Hub City.

Wednesday (5/30) Black Stone Cherry will return to Lubbock, Texas after a three year absence and serve up their own big bowl of double-aught bust head.

I had a good buddy call and tell me he saw BSC last Friday night in Dallas, and compared the show to a Zakk Wylde Pride and Glory show from back in the day. That's one serious statement right there!

Get out and support live music Wednesday May 30, in the Backroom at Jakes. Get a ticket at Ralph's or the door of Jakes.


Sober By Sunday-8p

20 Shades-8:50p

Black Stone Cherry-10p-11:30

Give a listen to the unedited interview with Ben Wells of BSC...