I'm just gonna go ahead and admit, I am not a fashion expert by any means, I wear black on black even if they are different shades. I wear long sleeves in the summer and I mow the lawn in a pair of shorts that have more holes in the ass than swiss cheese. That being said I just have to ask for someone, ANYONE (male or female) to PLEASE explain what the hell is with big ugly ass hats?

I am not talking about cowboy hats (don't get me wrong, I HAVE seen some big ass UGLY cowboy hats).

I am not talking about baseball caps or "trucker" caps (which I did not get 30 years ago and still don't!).

I am talking about those big ass ugly hats like the ones chicks were wearing to William and Kate's wedding this past summer.

Tonight, I noticed an ad for a local women's shop that is now selling ugly ass hats...

My only question is WHY?