If there was any doubt in your head concerning the departure of Ryan McCombs in Drowning Pool, well you can cast him aside because new singer Jasen Moreno is the ace in the hole and I believe the savior for our Texas rockers, Drowning Pool.

On March 19th Drowning Pool performed at the Musician Rehearsal Center in Sparks, Nevada, where they covered the Aerosmith classic, "Dream On" and not only new singer knock it out of the park they also performed the DP classic "Tear Away" and smashed it to pieces.


The new album from Drowning Pool with Jasen Moreno  entitled "Resilience"is a great album from DP and they need it badly. The new album is due out tomorrow (April 9th). The stain that ex vocalist Ryan McCombs left on Drowning Pool is terrible. But that is in the past and our Texas rockers have moved forward with an amazing lead singer.

If there was any doubt in your head concerning Drowning Pool with Moreno on vocals, this acoustic set will set your mind at ease.

I really want to see Drowning Pool live and give props to The Dirty DP.