Drowning Pool are streaming their 5th studio album entitled "Resilience" which you can check out at AOL Music.

"Resilience" is set for a April 9th release date from the tracks I have heard this could be Drowning Pool's best album since "Sinner."

Jasen Moreno is now the front man of DP after Ryan McCombs left for his previous band Soil and frankly I am glad Ryan left the band.

I have been around Ryan McCombs several times and he was nothing but an arrogant jerk who never did anything for the Drowning Pool legacy. And because of his actions he will be a stain on Drowning Pool's legacy.


From the people that I have talked to Jasen Moreno is a great and humble guy. Now what makes me even more excited is my bro Ill Nino vocalist Cristian Machado text me after he saw Jasen Moreno perform with Drowning Pool and told me that not only did Moreno do a great job but he did Dave Williams justice. Now just in case you didn't know, Cristian Machado and Dave Williams were the best of friends, so if Im gonna take anyone opinion about Jasen Moreno fronting Drowning Pool it's his.

Check out some new Drowning Pool and let me know what you think.