Our boys in Drowning Pool have picked Jonathan Bertorelli to direct the video for the bands new tune "Saturday Niight." DP's fifth record is due in 2013, and will feature new vocalist Jasen Moreno, who grabs the reins from Ryan McCombs. I've always held a special place for this band after the untimely passing of Dave Williams back in 2002. Drowning Pool has gone through more front-men than Spinal Tap has drummers; they tried Jason "Gong" Jones he didn't work out. Ryan McCombs is a good dude, but now he's gone too.

Guitarist C. J. Pierce,  says "Looking forward to the rest of our career with Jasen. The singer switch is finally over." Jasen Moreno gets his the chance to fill the very big shoes of Dave Williams; I hope that these fellow Texans have finally found the right man for the job.