It's Friday, and you know what that means, there is a light at the end of the work week tunnel is in sight. For a lot of us that means this time tomorrow we will be sitting around having a beer and talking crap with our friends.

You know the routine, 5:00 and everyone starts filtering into your favorite hangout, telling stories about their week, just catching up with each other on things that have gone on during the week.

The next thing you know it's 11:45 and you're several drinks in and you're feeling really philosophical, sadly the chick at the bar you've been eyeballing all night is as sober as the week is long, so naturally you decide to approach her and try to win her heart for the night with your charm.

Unfortunately, we never seem to realize just how stupid we sound until we are the sober one listening to our drunk friends try to explain the difference between fire engine red and candy apple red.

Check out Jenna Marbles' experiment on how drunks people tend to ramble.