Despite what you might think, I'm not super "up" on local politics. The only reasons I watch what's going on at all is to have stuff to poke fun at on the radio. Over the years I've watched Victor Hernandez embarrass the city, gum up the works and cost us much more than he should of in time, effort and money.

I'm not going to enumerate this councilman's failings again, they are well documented.  What bothers me is what is going on right now.  It is so supremely arrogant, that I just had to write about.  I was talking to a friend who is very much up on local politics about the current recall election and asked if he thought Victor would be recalled. His response was stunning. He said, it doesn't matter. He's already running for re-election and will probably win. This really bothers me. A large group of this guys constituents think he is so bad they want to pull him off the council before his term expires and his response is "so what, I'll just run again".

Victor Hernandez is counting on the people of District one to be too dumb or too lazy to replace him.  I believe that's reason enough why he should go.  We could do better.

Early voting is taking place right now. Go make a decision on this topic.  You don't have to agree with me, but at least have your say at the polls.