This is not a commercial. This is a public service for people who want some awesome eats at a great price.  It's fifty-cent corn dog day at all area Sonics!

Last time I was at Sonic for fifty cent corn dog day I thought they might be a bit shocked when I was about to order eleven corn dogs.  Before I could place my order, the car next to me ordered 24.  Yep. This is a big deal.

I never really understood the people who wait until the fair to "get my corndog on".  These may be regular size, but get two for a buck and you're still saving a few bucks.  Then again, get some at the Fair too, just consider this warm up or practice for one of those big boys.

Anyways, myself and Landon King are hitting Sonic at 9:00 a.m.   We plan on mass destruction of corn dogs.  We thought you other fans should know too.