I grew up with Van Halen. I lived and breathed Van Halen. I didn't really get into any other bands from the genre, just Van Halen, that's why Eddie Van Halen's actions are inexcusable.

You probably don't care much about Van Halen, there at that age where a lot of their stuff is no longer relevant, but keep this in mind as your favorite bands release c.ds. and stuff.

Van Halen had a trademark sound.  If you haven't noticed David Lee Roth pretty much spoke/sang lyrics, then the background vocals came in with real singing.  It was almost like rap.  The main guy talked, then the backup guy sang, then back and forth.  Well the guy that did all that background singing was Micheal Anthony, the bass player.

For whatever reason, (probably because of his association with Sammy Hagar in Chickenfoot) Eddie Van Halen has done everything he can to erase the memory of Micheal Anthony.  He had him sign away his rights in order to do the final tour with Sammy, he had his son Wolfies image playing  Anthony's parts on the video games and at one time even had Anthony's image airbrushed out of the album sleeve photos on the bands website (what a dick move).

The point being as someone who pumped a lot of money into the Van Halen machine through ticket, albums and merch, it's as if Eddie is trying to erase a part of my childhood.  He's trying to rewrite history and it's complete bullsh@t.

I've been "over" Van Halen for many years now.  I just got tired of Eddies spotty performances in concert and assh@le behavior anytime he got near a mic.  I just loved the band so much I'd rather remember who they were instead of what they became.  Also, I've just progressed musically.  Van Halen was a time and a place for me and that time and place are no longer around.  Now I'm into Slipknot, Stone Sour and some weird stuff you probably haven't heard about.

So bottom line is:  For me it's easier to forget Van Halen entirely than to forget Micheal Anthony's participation.