A senior couple was arrested Tuesday night (Aug. 21) in relation to a shooting incident in the 9000 block of Ave. P on Monday (Aug. 20).

Seventy-year-old James Stanley Renfro and his wife, 75-year-old Sonja Lee Renfro, were arrested due to an arrest warrant for deadly conduct.

KAMC News reports the couple got into an altercation with their neighbor, 46-year-old Ray Delano, about a property line between the neighboring homes.

According to the police report, Mr. Delano was repairing a fence on his property when Mrs. Renfro "intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly" hit him with her pick-up truck. After that, Mr. Delano pulled out a gun and shot at her windshield, the report says. Mrs. Renfro then pulled out a gun and shot at Mr. Delano, but missed.

Mr. Renfro told police he heard gunshots from inside his home, went outside with a shotgun and shot at Delano, who returned fire. Mr. Renfro was hit by a shot and taken to a Lubbock hospital.

Mr. Delano was treated for the gunshot wound and has since been released from the hospital.

Mr. Renfro was released on $10,000 bail on Wednesday (Aug. 22nd). His wife wasn't listed in the active jail roster as of Wednesday afternoon.