I'll never understand haters. The band Korn has so much to offer the world. They can do silly covers, be funky, be total hardcore. Why anybody would want to hate on the band because of whatever their current single is, is beyond me. Some out there in the blog-o-sphere think that the current single "Never, Never" is too pop. I guess they have no idea what "pop" is, because it sure doesn't sound like Daft Punk or Miley Cyrus to me.


So to silence the haters (as if that can ever be done) Korn has kind of released a second single called "Love & Meth".  It's decidedly more "old school Korn".  Myself, I'll go on whatever journey this band takes me.  I don't think they've had ANY bad albums.  Here's some "Love & Meth" for you.