ESPN has started evaluating the schedules for the Big 12 teams starting with Texas Tech. The site (found here)takes Tech to task for putting some 'snoozer' games on the lineup, but that is hardly the most controversial of their predictions.  More after the jump.

ESPN is predicting Tech will go 7-5 at best, with a chance at a 5-7 season.  The site goes on to predict that if Coach Tommy Tuberville can't win in Ames Iowa that he just may be on the 'hot seat". Get the full story from here.

Below is the schedule.  What do you think of Tech's schedule and what do you think their win/loss will be at the end of the year?

09/01/12 vs. Northwestern State

09/08/12 at Texas State

09/15/12 vs. New Mexico

09/29/12 at Iowa State

10/06/12 vs. Oklahoma

10/13/12 vs. West Virginia

10/20/12 at TCU

10/27/12 at Kansas State

11/03/12 vs. Texas

11/10/12 vs. Kansas

11/17/12 at Oklahoma State

11/24/12 vs. Baylor (at Jerryworld/Cowboy Stadium


Here's a cool little 'preview' of the season from the Big 12 too: