I can hardly believe that Evanescence's "Fallen is now 10 years old, and they have decided to release it on purple vinyl and your details are here.

Could a band have a bigger debut in rock music than Evanescence's "Fallen?" Not only is Evanescence fronted by female singer Amy Lee, but they would lay the path for other female fronted bands.

"Fallen" would receive acclaim across the boards from critics and radio including their signature hits "Going Under" "Bring Me To Life" and my personal favorite "My Immortal" which is one of the best songs that is song by a female in my opinion.


Evanescence would go on to put out 2 more studio albums and continue to sell out venues across the world.

Get your horns up for Evanescence's "Fallen" celebrating 10 years and check it out right here where you can get the "Fallen" album on vinyl.