I don't know what "Eventful" is, or who runs it, but there information is almost consistently, awfully wrong.  It's really not that hard to keep up with who's coming to town and where they're playing.  Events just don't happen here every day.  More after the jump.


So I get these entertainment updates from something called "Eventful'.  I guess it's live events like concerts and sports, plus they put this "fakey" thing at the end where you can 'demand' your favorite bands come to town (there's no basis in reality there, you're better off wishing on a star).  This little 'service' does us a regular disservice by being wrong.  We've seen it list bands that were never booked in the Lubbock area to the more frequent bad location or date information.  I think it's an automated service based on this weeks information.   This weeks 'ad' had three events listed:

Hellyeah Oct 23rd at WildWest

Lamb of God  November 3rd at the Pavilion

Hellyea Oct 24th at Jakes.

Of course the proper listings would be

Hellyea Oct 24th at Jakes

Lamb of God Nov 3rd at the Amp (kind of the same as the Pavilion, but still).

Worst yet, the email tag line said "Hellyeah at Wild West", further emphasizing the bad listing.

I personally don't know where these guys get their information and/or how or why we should get it corrected. I just want to make you guys aware that their information is frequently wrong.  When you are in doubt about a show, just go to our website or give us a call on the request line, we're happy to help.