January 18, 2014
4413 82nd #300, Lubbock, 79424 United States

Additional Information

KFMX went on the air on January 18th, 1981 at 12n.  Lubbock was shook as Led Zeppelin's "Rock And Roll" roared across the South Plains.  At the time, there were no real professional radio stations in town. Every station sounded like some type of weird mom and pop mish-mosh with bad d.j.s and unfocused formats.  KFMX was not just a warning to the other stations that the future had arrived, it was salvation for the rockers across West Texas.  Until KFMX launched we got by trading tapes and by checking out every third song on the stations that were around.  Just imagine a kid in Lubbock in 1981 with three or four t.v. channels and nothing to do, then BLAM, FMX is on the air.  It was a pretty exciting time.  It's pretty hard to believe we will be celebrating our 33rd Birthday (of course a "Birthday Bash" is already being planned) and the station still means a lot to a lot of people.  We hope you'll join us in celebrating this day by turning the rock up to eleven all day long!