October 1, 2011

Additional Information

Nightmare on 19th Street is a group of 3+ haunted attractions. We are located at 602 E. 19th in the far back of the Lone Star Events Center. The box office opens at 7:30 and closes at 11:00 on Thursday and 11:30 on Friday and Saturday nights (and this year on Halloween night). The attractions open around dark. Admission is being held at $20 for the fifth straight year.


This years attractions have been expanded greatly featuring more courtyard and outdoor areas. Visitors from even last year will notice that each attraction is about 50% larger. Nightmare features over 100 actors, technicians, make up and other personnel.


New this year is “City Of The Lost”. Visitors will experience a clash of Mayan, Roman, Egyptian and other ancient cultures as they explore the attraction. Mummies, the undead, and giant creatures will provide the scares. This is our most adventurous attraction yet featuring cave like sculptures, a giant waterfall and more.


Dr. Nexum’s Sanitarium is back and it’s bringing the crazy big-time! The new lay-out circles a large courtyard. Mad doctors, evil nurses and insane patients will welcome you to their blood spattered home.


Blood Moon Manor is our ‘anchor’ haunted house. It is widely regarded as one of the scariest haunted houses anywhere. Visitors are hit with relentless scares as they travel through the grounds of this haunted house. It has also been expanded to bring you even more scares. From murderers to clowns and corpses, you will face your worst fears in Bloodmoon Manor.


What’s the plus? Well it won’t be a separate “attraction” until 2012, but many people list “Badger Holler” as there favorite part of the park, even though it’s just a lead in to another attraction (this year it leads into “The City Of The Lost”). This mini-city of mutant hillbillies delivers outdoor scares. From chainsaw maniacs to grandma’s kitchen, the people of “Badger Holler” will do their best to make sure you never get back to the city.


We recommend comfortable shoes, maybe a little mosquito spray (we do what we can do to keep them down, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared) and a good attitude. Remember, each scream is followed by a laugh. Actors are instructed to not touch patrons, but incidental contact does occur (nobody is going to grab your ankle, but you could get brushed up against). Our lines can get VERY long at time, but move VERY quickly. We admit groups of 4-6 through every 45 seconds. That means we can move almost 500 people in an hour. As far as how long it gets through attractions, it’s almost impossible to guess. A lot of that depends on the lines, but we have designed ‘Nightmare’ to be an ‘all-evening’ experience. We recommend these attractions for persons 12+ but we believe only parents can really decide when their children are ready for this type of experience. We’ve had children much younger visit and have a blast. We’ve also had (a lot of) adults not able to make it through even one attraction. We do not allow pictures inside the attractions but there are many cool photo ops outside of the attractions. WE ARE OPEN WHEN THERE ARE OTHER EVENTS INSIDE THE LONE STAR EVENTS CENTER….(just stay to the right and head to the back for Nightmare). When our box office closes is when we sell the last tickets. We do not close the attractions until everyone has been though all the attractions. We have sheriffs deputies and professional security and event personal on site. We have a perfect five year safety record but due to insurance purposes you will be entering the park AT YOUR OWN RISK.


We usually feature live music or some form of live entertainment as a “bonus” on Friday and Saturday nights. Concessions are available as well as merchandise. We do not sell alcohol.


You may email any questions you have to wesnessman@townsquaremedia.com

You can keep up with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nightmareon19th

You can find us on the web here.

We are in the back parking lot of the Lone Star Event Center-just follow the fence all the way back.

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