Well, Titus Young, a Boise State standout turned Detroit Lions bust achieved that feat in a 15-hour time-span recently.

Young was a heck of a player at wide receiver at Boise State, but he never quite panned out for the Lions. In fact, he had some off the field issues (surprise, surprise) and even some on-field issues, such as lining up in the wrong position against Green Bay in week 14 of last season.

Now, about the arrests; Young was pulled over just a minute after the clock struck midnight for a routine traffic violation. The officer that pulled him over was under the suspicion that he was intoxicated, so he arrested him, took him to jail and Young was then released with a citation later that day.

Speaking of later that day, a 911 call came in around 2:20 that someone was climbing the fence at an impound. Who else would it be than Mr. Young, looking for his beloved impounded Mustang.

Young was caught, arrested, then taken back to the very same detention center that he was booked at earlier that day.

People, the moral here is simple: don't do stupid stuff.