I got you hooked up again this week with hardest and the heaviest with music from Job For A Cowboy and Black Dahlia Murder on Everything Goes Black. Be looking out this week with new music coming out this tuesday from Suicide Silence and Decapitated. Here is your first hour of EGB! I wanna give props to my boy Lynn Day for the sketch he drew drew for me!

Nobody Lives Forever - Wounds, Bloodstains, and Riccochets

Otep - Not To Touch The Earth

Black Dahlia Murder - Moonlight Equilibrium

Suffocation - Bind Torture Kill

Accept - Balls To The Wall

Manson - 1996

Job For A Cowboy - Misery Reformatory

Unearth - Watch It Burn

Dimmu Borgir - Gateways

Lamb Of God - Redneck

Pantera - Drag The Waters

Cradle Of Filth - Her Ghost In The Fog


What do you think of the playlist for hour one of Everything Goes Black? What do you wanna hear on the best metal show in Texas?
Enjoy some bonus Black Dahlia Murder