This is some HILLBILLY stuff!  It incorporates elements of folk, bluegrass and reminds me a bit of the Grateful Dead.  This is pro-pot music and is not for everybody.  In fact, the guys are apparently so stoned that they didn't notice that two of the videos are basically the same thing (flashing back and forth between still pictures).  The third video features footage of legend comedian Tommy Chong.  More after the jump.

So, I know at least one hillbilly who's going to think that this is his cultures "Nirvana". He'll think this a major happening.  I myself don't imbibe in the sticky green, but I can't think of one good reason why it's illegal and booze isn't.  Stoners tend to sit around and do nothing.  Boozeheads tend to get crazy and raise hell.  Seems like pot might be just the thing that's needed by some of the crazies right now.  In fact, we should start a "send pot to the terrorists" campaign.  Maybe then they'll lighten up a bit.

Careful, there's a strong word or two in some of these songs.

So, put your overalls on and kick off your shoes and check out The Hicks with "Oh Lord, Won't You Keep Me In The Green"

Here's a more direct song called "Roll A Joint"

This last video features Tommy Chong and is called "Mr. Bong".  It rocks a bit more than the first ones.