Restrepo documents a year with the second platoon in Afghanistan. It is first hand with real soldiers fighting in one of the most dangerous places in the war, the Korengal Valley. The men make a heroic effort to build an outpost named after a lost friend.  More after the jump.

This is real day to day life with our soldiers. There's nothing faked here.  People die. People party. The troops are ambushed and the troops heroically fight back. There are a few interview segments filmed after the fact to link the story together, but this is a soldiers life with no frills.  I think this is a very important film and one that everyone should watch out of respect for our soldiers.  The movie is available on Netflicks right now. You can also check out the website right here.

This isn't the kind of movie/documentary that you can "rate". This is just a MUST SEE film.  We owe  it to our soldiers to try to understand what they have and are going through.