Falling In Reverse's Ronnie Radke took some time to call in to The Wrecking Yard in anticipation of The FMX Big Purple Party.

Now before we get into the audio I would like to explain some things about this interview. I don't know if Ronnie Radke was tired from the road or whatever but when he called in he wasn't very specific on some of the questions I had for him.

Just because Ronnie Radke isn't a good interviewer, does not mean he can't throw down and perform for a crowd. Even if you don't like Ronnie Radke for his character you can't deny his powerful stage presence.


Here is Ronnie talking about being a powerful front man and what we can expect from Falling in Reverse when they hit Lubbock on April 21st.

I also asked Ronnie about the new Falling in Reverse album and the lady you hear in thte audio jumps in, is their P.R. lady and she wont let him reveal the release date but he does say it's close.

I hope you come out and check out Falling In Reverse's set for The FMX Big Purple Party.