When the word cancer is brought up in conversation or in a TV ad or something similar to that we all have known or know of someone that has been affected by the results of cancer. This past weekend at The 4B Wild West Bike Rally 100% of the proceeds will be donated to support the people who are in need because of Cancer. Checkout this video that I took of a young women and what she did to fight cancer!

We have seen in the news recently about celebrities who have shaved their heads in support of finding a cure for cancer. I do not know what the young ladies name is but you can see the video of this young woman shaving her head for cancer research!

I know most men aren't very particular about our hair but a woman is a whole different ball game. I salute this woman and thank you to everyone that came out and supported this cause as we say !@#$ Cancer.

There is some language in this video that is being shouted from the crowd and such so be warned!