Seems like just yesterday I was wishing my buddy Josey a Happy Anniversary (wait... it WAS yesterday), and telling you guys about the Saliva boys being on the Hard Drive Tour. Remember I also told you they were not scheduled to play in Lubbock, but that if that changed we here at FMX would let you know. Well, I'm letting you know.

Last night at the Pop Evil and Drowning Pool show I was talking to Lane from Fastlane and he asked me to share with the listeners that On August 5 Filter and Saliva will be live in the Room of Doom at Jake's. Tickets will go on sale this Friday (June 3, 2011) .

No word as of yet on ticket price or sale locations, so check back soon and I will let you all know as soon as I find out.

This should be a killer little show for that size venue.