I know a lot of people that think it's best to show up to the big rock shows later because it's usually cooler and the crowd has warmed up and gotten crazy. Forget all that on Sunday; you need to get there early, and here's why...

Filter will send the Big Purple Party into orbit on Sunday afternoon, kicking things off on the big stage for everyone outside to see. Obviously, there are some great, lesser-known acts in the Pavilion even earlier than Filter's stage time, which is 2 PM sharp, so there's even more reason to show up early. The Cleveland-based band headed by the one and only Richard Patrick will play a 45-minute set sure to include your favorites like "Take A Picture" and "Hey Man, Nice Shot".

If you showed up early last year, you saw these same guys set it off right before Asking Alexandria, and it was pretty damn great. These guys don't disappoint and will be one of the best acts out there Sunday, so get up and get out early to party with Filter and FMX at the