I think most of us wait until most movies make it to cable or Red Box. You have precious few dollars to spend at the theater, so the real question after the becomes 'is it worth my time'.  Well, one of the biggest problems with watching this movie at home is it not being shown in 3d.  More after the jump.

So Final 5 is making the rounds and it's a good installment.  It's certainly not as good as Final 4, but there are so many obviously planned 3d moments that it detracts from everything else.  This time our victims initially survive  a bridge collapse that I imagine look really awesome with some depth to it.  This installment also brings in a couple of new developments, one being the concept that you can kill someone to 'take your place' in death and the addition of Tony Todd (The Candyman) as the creepy coroner (I think this is first appearance in the series).  Tony adds a little to the series, the 'take your place' element seems like filler.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is some kind of 80's horror movie vibe going on here.  I don't know if it's the whisper thing characters or the actors who can barely act, or even the writing that's fair at best.  There's also the fact that the two male leads look a little alike which can be a little distracting.  What's sad is, the deaths are awesome and extra grisly and there is a GREAT attempt to tie all the movies together at the end (which most people will barely notice).  I pretty cool bonus is the end credits which plays ever death from every previous Final movie back to back.

So I give this installment three and half Nightmares.  It's certainly above average, but not the high quality of previous installments.  In short, yeah it's worth your time, but drink a Monster..I actually feel asleep for a couple of minutes during the death for death part.

Here's part of the opening sequence to  check out: