How many times have you misplaced your phone and wished your phone would give you a cry for help so you could find it? Well, now your phone can do just that with the Marco Polo app.

Just like the childhood swimming pool game, when you shout "Marco", the phone responds with "Polo". Pretty cool, huh? Well, it only works when the app is on, but it does work.

So, next time your phone falls between the cushions or gets lost under a pile of papers, just yell "Marco" and wait for your phone to respond.

Like your car's GPS unit, you can also change the voice and inflection in which your phone responds.

Another useless feature that it has is the ability to change the input phrase. So, if you want to say something other than "Marco", you can and the phone will still respond. Why is that useless? Well, it's not really fun or funny when the response from the phone is still "Polo".

The cost of the app is 99 cents.

I give this app 2 out of 5 stars. It's just as easy borrowing a phone to call mine so I can track it down by the ringer.

Enjoy the app and be on the look-out for more crazy things with Pain's Package.

Watch me test out the Marco Polo app