Okay, so us Nightmare folk had a little Krampus celebration over the weekend.  Is some countries, Krampus is recognized as the yin to Santa's yang; he punishes kids who are bad.  We celebrate Krampus as a way to say "screw you" to the hype of Xmas.  What we do is get everybody together for some snacks, drinks, andhugs around a warm fire.  We also burn some things for fun. That's why I'm putting this up, as a WARNING to you.

This year we burned a Santa effigy and that was fun, but what I want to tell you is, if you like having a live Xmas tree in your house, make sure that thing is watered every day and fireproofed if possible.  Xmas trees burst into flame over five times their size.  They go off like fire bombs. It is a real eye opener to see the insane flames and heat coming off of these.  I have a few pics to share with you.  Keep in mind these trees were in 55 gallon barrels.  So that's about 4 1/2 feet tall where the flame starts. The pics are a bit dark, but just take that 4 1/2 foot start and let your mind do the math.  This is about 25 feet to the tip of the flame.

L. Morrell