Imagine you were sitting in a tattoo parlor having the finishing touches put on a back piece and in walks one of your favorite rock stars walks to get a tattoo. If you were in Minneapolis tonight at Leviticus Tattoo and you're a huge Papa Roach fan you might very well have found yourself in that exact position.

Earlier today, Jacoby posted on his personal Facebook page that he was headed out to get some fresh ink. And as any of you hard core P Roach fans know Jacoby loves his tattoos, so I'm sure this won't be the last. Who knows, maybe when they hit the Hub this weekend  he will venture out and add some Texas ink to his collection.

Either way there are only five more days until the 32nd FMX Birthday Bash featuring Stone Sour and Papa Roach (maybe Shaddix will give us peek at the new ink). Hopefully, you have already gotten your tickets? If not you better get yourself over to the FMX studio or online at because you will regret it on Saturday while all your bro's are at the show and you're sitting at home watching another CSI marathon.

Check out the video....