From celebrity brothers to a revolving door of band members, check out why Filter is one special band YOU need to check out this Saturday in Jake's Backroom

Frontman Richard Patrick founded the group back in 1993 with then guitarist/programmer Brian Liesegang. After finishing up Short Bus which featured the smash hit "Hey Man Nice Shot", Matt Walker, Geno Lenardo, and Frank Cavanagh joined the live touring band. The first turn in the revolving door came in '97 when both Liesegang and Walker both parted ways with Patrick's overnight success project. Drummer Steven Gillis ended up working with the band on the 1999 follow-up Title of Record which spawned a hit in "Take A Picture". The band completed another album, The Amalgamut, in 2002. Patrick then checked into rehab and the band went on hiatus. Mitchell Marlow, John Spiker, and Mika Fineo joined back up with Patrick after his stint in rehab as he set to rekindle the flame that had once been subdued. Anthems of the Damned came out in 2008, with The Trouble With Angels following suit in 2010. Mitchell Marlow and John Spiker then exited the band in 2010, with Phil Buckman and Rob Patterson taking their places. Rob Patterson toured with the band for a while, then left in 2011. Fineo then followed the next year. Johnny Radtke came to the rescue and helped complete the work for The Sun Comes Out Tonight which was released this year. Drummer Jeff Fabb also jumped on board after Jeff Friedl's short stay in 2012. Buckman exited the band just a few weeks ago, as Tim Kelleher has stepped in.

With a seemingly steady and tight ship now floating along, the band seems as tight as ever and delivers.

Now, about some more facts.

Richard Patrick's brother, Robert Patrick, may sound familiar due to his acting in popular films such as Die Hard 2 and Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Richard Patrick often writes for the popular magazine sporting scantily clad women Suicide Girls, after an editorial he wrote was featured in the Huffington Post.

Patrick toured with Trent Reznor's Nine Inch Nails as the character/guitarist "Piggy" back in the early nineties.

Patrick also collaborated with multiple other huge artists in the supergroup Army of Anyone, which had a huge hit in the song "Goodbye". AoA featured Korn drummer Ray Luzier, and the DiLeo brothers from Stone Temple Pilots.

Obviously, this band has some serious history, but more importantly, this band has some serious brass. These guys bring it every night, and they'll be bringing it to YOU on Saturday, so pick up a ticket or two and grab a friend. Rock on.