All I can say is heaven help me! Woody is still on a high from four days of up close and personal time with her boys from Papa Roach two weeks ago, and today she came bouncing in to tell me "honey" number five and his crew have officially hit the studio.

It seems Ivan and the boys have officially entered The Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas to begin work on their fourth album due out this summer.

The first three efforts from FFDP have all hit been certified gold by selling at least 500,000 copies each, and if the past is any indication this fourth record is sure to follow suit for the band.

Zoltan told a reporter from The Pulse he feels the key to the bands success is hard work and the ability to stay focused.

The boys were in the Hub last summer for the Trespass America Tour and are rumored to already be ready to hit the road again this summer in support of a yet to be named "Big Festival" tour. Hopefully, Lubbock will be on the list of towns getting another change to take another shot upside the head.