"The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Part 2" is the new album from FFDP and I have your track listing right here!

The new album is set for a November 19th release date and by the track listing you can see to titles that have to be covers! Courtesy of Theprp.com here is the track listing.

01 – Here To Die
02 – Weight Beneath My Sin
03 – Wrecking Ball
04 – Battle Born
05 – Cradle To The Grave
06 – Matter Of Time
07 – The Agony Of Regret
08 – Cold
09 – Let This Go
10 – My Heart Lied
11 – A Day In My Life
12 – House Of The Rising Sun

I am very excited to hear their take on on the Motorhead classic "Cradle To The Grave" but this might not be the Motorhead cover this is just my guess. And of course "The House Of The Rising Sun" will be their take on The Animals classic.

FFDp will be in Lubbock for The FMX Freakfeast on October 26th and I hope you will throw it down with us for what will be an epic show!