Have you ever driven in a big city like Dallas or Houston or some other city that makes Lubbock seem small? If you have chances are you noticed several major differences in the way people drive here and where ever you were. In most cases I am a pretty laid back kind of person, I only become agressive when certain elements come into play, and one of those elements is stupid, careless driver's.

Would someone please explain to me (or to the people you know who do these things) why Lubbock driver's seem to be so *ucking clueless!

Today as I was driving home from work I was nearly hit by some asshole who turned on his turn signal then proceeded to come into my lane without ever LOOKING to see if it was clear to move over.

That  incident has prompted me to do a blog and list my to five (and TRUST me it is going to be tough to limit it to just five!) most annoying habits of Lubbock drivers.

With that being said let's get started with number five and work our way to the most irritating.

Coming in at number five... mistaking turn signals for Christmas decorations... HELLO people EVERY car has them regardless of make, model, or year! Just in case no one ever told you what they are for let me help you out, you use them to turn a cornor or to alert other drivers to your "desire" to changes lanes.

Number four... using your turn signal and then ASSUMING that means the car next to you has to slow down, stop, or dodge your dumb ass to keep from being hit because you can't take the time to check your blind spot for other cars!

Third on my list people who will drive around a parking lot at 2 miles an hour looking for a place to park in the very front (or worse the ones who will sit behind a car for 15 minutes and block the lane while they wait for them to pull out).

That brings me to number two on my list, people who act like they own the lane they are driving in. You know the ones I'm talking about they go 10 to 15 miles under the speed limit and when you try to pass them they speed up or slow way down when you try to get behind them.

And my number one most annoying, irritating habit of Lubbock drivers is how EVERYONE drives in the far right hand lane on the loop and on I-27! People there are three lanes for a reason, move to the center or far left so that people getting onto or off of these roads don't have to slow down to 20 miles an hour to wait (or worse come to a complete stop), this is a major cause of accidents on these roads people!

I've vented, now it's your turn, what are some of the things that bug the crap out of you about drivers in this town?