Here's a fun list for you.  There are all kinds of horror movies out there, but there's some that are better than others about making you get up and check the locks.  These are the ones that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and make every little creak in your house seem like a big deal.

Here's my list of five films that offer a "high in home creep out factor".


Scream 1 & 2 (Double Feature)

The Scream movies take place in regular neighborhoods around seemingly regular folks. Think about the different houses where the "kills" happen, they could easily be your house.

The Ring

Man Oh man, what's creepier than watching a scary movie on t.v. about scary stuff that comes out of your t.v.?  The Ring rocks!

Evil Dead 2 or The new Evil Dead

Both of these movies have odd angles about them. Evil Dead 2 can be funny and the new Evil Dead is very gross, but there's something about the classic "Cabin in the woods" type scenario that makes these stories hit home.

The Blair Witch Project

There is something called "suspension of disbelief".  If you can forget that this is a movie and just get into the "found camera footage" angle of the story, then this movie will stick with you a long time.  While some people complained about the ending, it is wedged into my brain big time.

13 Ghosts

13 Ghosts takes place in a house that has (besides 13 Ghosts) all kinds of weird mechanical stuff going on.  If you can get past that stuff, this movie, where ghosts can kill, will seriously creep you out.  ALSO.  This is one time that I recommend you watch the extras before the movie. It has a featurette on 'who' the '13 Ghosts' were before they died, and it actually improves the movie experience.  Here's 12 of the Ghosts now:

And here's the trailer for the movie: