Welcome to "The Flannel Channel." I thought I'd write a small series of blogs with videos of some "forgotten" favorites from the 90's.

Dust For Life's 'Step Into The Light' would probably still rate as one of my top ten songs of the nineties (if I ever get around to making that list). Now, even though it was one of my favorites of the decade, it really didn't even make a giant splash then. I did, however, get the opportunity to see them live and they were as good on stage as anybody else from the era.

This song actually dropped in 2000 at the tail end of the grunge revolution. It could explain why such a great song peaked out at #16.  I love the "Alice in Chains" groove, but most of all I love the relief parts. I can just close my eyes and let those cords wash over me.  As for the guitars, they really show the bridge between grunge and post grunge metal. Check it out:

Dust For Life - Step Into The Light