I've sat through very few concert films in my life. For me, concerts are generally about the energy of the experience. With Mad Season, the art and emotion is so intense, it carried the film in such a way that I couldn't turn it off. Finally a clean copy of the film is available and I have the best know song for you after the jump.


Mike McCready of Pearl Jam and Barrett Martin of Screaming Trees put together a little side project with Layne Staley and bass player named John Baker Saunders (who actually proceeded Layne Staley in death).  Mark Lanegan from Screaming Trees was also brought in for some additional vocals.

"River Of Deceit" has to be one of the most heartfelt and emotionally gut wrenching songs ever recorded, only some sweeping, uplifting guitar parts during the bridge break the somber mood.  This song very well may be my favorite ballad of all time.  Check it out:

Here's the studio version