It's a little bit "southern rock" with a whole lot of grunge. One of my favorite tracks from the era was this one that debuted in 1995.  More after the jump.

My head is actually in a really good place, but I can totally relate to Mark Hennessy's lyrics. "I hope I die tonight, everything's too perfect".  You see when you have a broken brain it's not just bad times that get you down, it's the good times that mess you up too.  Hennessy takes the pessimistic view that things are so good that they'll never be like this again.  It's pretty awesome if you ask me.  Of course, I don't "hope I die tonight" because I have a lot of stuff to get done, but I don't know what I'll do if I ever get caught up.  These may seem like somewhat depressing thoughts, but through the filter of Paw's music they come up as the ultimate celebration of a good time and love.  Check out "Hope I Die Tonight" (sorry there is no 'official video".