When I go to Vegas, I pretty much say, 'okay, I'm going to loose $200 bucks'.  Once I know I'm going to lose, I can just enjoy the ride.  I'm basically paying $200 to play video games, which you like to call slot machines and poker machines.  All of this is to say, I'm not really a better, I'm more of just a 'fun haver".  Floyd Mayweather Jr. is  better.  He's tweeted his bets and sent out pictures of this betting slips and he recently had one pay off BIG.

According to USA Today, Floyd Mayweather dropped $200,000 on a bet on last Mondays "Cowboys/Giants" game.  "Dropped" may be the wrong word, because he's picking up almost double that amount.  Mayweather placed the bet on the second half of the game and since the 'Boys outscored the Giants 17-14 in the final half, Mayweather picked up $181,000+.  Not bad for a days "work " huh?   Just in case you're wondering, Mayweather was the worlds highest paid athlete last year making 85 million for two fights.   So the long and short of it is, winning or even losing $200K isn't going to make or break Floyd.